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We are passionate about creating extraordinary events and conferences that leave a lasting impression. Our dedicated team of experts brings creativity, precision, and attention to detail to each project we undertake. Our mission is to craft seamless and impactful events, exceeding our clients’ expectations by understanding their vision, objectives, and audience. From concept development to flawless execution, we combine creativity, technology, and logistics to deliver memorable and successful events. Our commitment to excellence and innovation makes us a trusted partner for businesses, organizations, and individuals alike.

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What We Offer

Unleash Your Creativity, Engage in Interactive Workshops and Innovative Idea Sessions

A group of impactful people gathers for the week-long experience — which attendees have described as “a journey into the future.”
Access to the conference and a workshop of your choice. Stick around for mind-blowing ideas from best speakers exclusively at Genesis Expo.
Coffee Breaks
It's hard to learn things on an empty stomach. Breakfast, lunch, snacks and unlimited tea and coffee are all part of the ticket price.
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Synergy Trade Expo will take place at the Greenhood Mall, Meru Town.

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Hear 9 inspiring talks, meet the best product people in Europe, and party together after the event!

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